Western Region Sun Grant Center


The OSU College of Agricultural Sciences Office of Research is host to the Western Region Sun Grant Center, one of 5 national centers that help create solutions for America's energy needs through programs that support research, education and extension.

Western Region efforts focus on the following project areas

  • Nanobubble Technology for Enhanced Microalgal Biomass Production for Aquatic Feed Application  (Univ. of Hawaii)
  • Optimizing the Fermentative Production of Medium Chain Carbolic Acids from Food and Beverage Waste Streams Using Machine Learning Techniques  (Oregon State Univ.)
  • Abundant Plant Protein for Fabrication of Bio-Air Filters Capable of Simultaneously Capturing Particulate and Gaseous Pollutants (Washington State Univ.)
  • Biojet Fuels Production from Binyon-Juniper and Reed Grass (Utah State Univ.)
  • Hemp fibers for cellulosic materials preparation and application (Washington State Univ.)
  • Toward production of lignin-based bioplastics and biocomposites (Univ. of Idaho)
  • Design an Integrated Comminution and Flash Hydrothermal Biomass Pretreatment (CFHP) System (Washington State Univ.)
  • Selective Carbonization: A Technology Critical for the Creation of a Green Carbon Economy (Washington State Univ.)