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What is Sun Grant?

Biobased products hold great promise for renewable energy and biobased, non-food industries.  The Sun Grant Initiative is a national program established to create new solutions for America's needs and to revitalize rural communities by working with land-grant universities and their federal and state laboratory partners on research, education and extension programs.

Sun Grant Mission

Through development, distribution and implementation of biobased energy technologies, the Sun Grant Initiative holds these aims:

  • Enhance America's national energy security
  • Promote diversification and environmental sustainability of America's agriculture
  • Promote opportunities for economic diversification in America's rural communities


Five regions of the U.S. will carry out the Sun Grant Initiative, with coordination led by land-grant universities that have biomass production potentials and involvement in bioenergy research.

As envisioned, the Sun Grant Initiative would create university-based research, extension and educational programs for biobased energy technologies. Much of the initiative's focus is on generating new and innovative ideas. Accordingly, three-fourths of the Initiative's funding is earmarked for competitive grants.

The Sun Grant Initiative will enlist the resources of the land-grant universities. Partnerships with private sector entities, foundations, other educational institutions, local, state and federal governments and other organizations will be essential.

See the Congressional Authorizing Language here.